Data Science

Our team is composed of researchers trained in PhD programs in the social sciences and in statistics. Depending upon the project, we also work with a range of data analysts and data engineers. We have conducted analyses in a range of areas, including: machine vision, safe and ethical AI, and economic impacts of migration following natural disasters.

Data Engineering

Ever larger volumes of data require designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure that allows for its efficient collection, storage, and processing. Our data engineers can assist with tasks such as data ingestion, transformation, and integration across various sources and formats. They work to ensure that data pipelines are robust, scalable, and reliable to support the analytics and decision-making needs of your organization.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Advances in data sciences are revolutionizing how organizations and governments operate.  

Whether this involves analysis of large data sets, the development of statistical models, or data visualization. We work with a range of technologies, including: Python, R, and SQL for data analysis and Tableau and Power BI for visualization.

Artificial Intelligence

We can help you cut through the hype and leverage artificial intelligence ethically and responsibly. 

Whether that entails working with large language models (LLMs), machine vision, or other advanced techniques. 

We also will not hesitate to tell you when AI is not a good fit for your project.