About Us

We are a team of international development experts with decades of experience and deep networks in many countries. We believe that effective development requires collaboration, innovation, and a tailored approach for each project. That's why we build agile teams that bring together our expertise with that of local partners to create sustainable change.

Our Founders

DevDelo is the fruit of a collaboration between two friends with extensive experience in international development.

For more than a decade, Francisco has lead G|Exponencial based in Colombia, supporting USAID, the World Bank, UN agencies, NGOs, think tanks, and universities. 

Michael has experience in academia, government, and nonprofits. He has worked in data science, microfinance, peace and conflict, and workforce development.

As a team, we are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and partners to create positive social change that is sustainable and driven by the communities we work with. We believe in the power of data and evidence-based approaches, and we are constantly learning and adapting to improve our work.