Data Science

We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to extract insights and inform decision-making for your organization.

Advances in data sciences are revolutionizing how organizations and governments operate.  We apply these advanced skillsets to the field of international development.  Whether this involves analysis of large data sets, the development of statistical models, or data visualization.

Our team is composed of researchers trained in PhD programs in the social sciences and in statistics. We have conducted analyses in a range of areas, including: machine vision, safe and ethical AI, and economic impacts of migration following natural disasters.

We work with a range of technologies, including: Python, R, and SQL for data analysis and Tableau and Power BI for visualization.

In addition to traditional data science projects, we integrate this expertise across our service offerings.   This includes using statistical methods to ensure representative sampling for monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) projects, as well as employing data-driven approaches to program design and implementation. Our team also uses advanced analytics to track progress and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. 

By applying the power of data to our work, we are able to design and implement more effective programs, measure their impact with greater accuracy, and achieve better outcomes for the communities we serve.