Data Collection

We conduct both quantitative and qualitative data collection processes.  These include surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews.

We conduct primary data collection at field sites in countries with complex operational challenges.  Whether this involves working projects that involve multiple languages, rural areas, weak government institutions, or inconsistent access to electricity and internet. 

We open the black box of data collection to our clients so that they fully understand the challenges and solutions we implement in the field to follow the statistical sampling design. 

Our comprehensive approach combines quantitative and qualitative methods, including surveys, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews. We meticulously design sampling strategies, pilot questionnaires, and manage logistics to minimize errors and produce reliable statistics. For qualitative data, we develop sampling techniques, collect and store data in real-time, and employ systematic analysis methods. 

We are dedicated to providing ethical and reliable data collection services in international development. Upholding the principles of transparency, data protection, and ethical conduct, we ensure that our data collection process is conducted with integrity and respect for individuals involved. 

Choose DevDelo for reliable and ethical data collection services that drive impactful outcomes. Contact us to discuss how our services can support your international development projects.